The Dark Peak Ladybower Extension

This 4 mile loop supplements the Epic and Blast routes as an optional extension. You will leave the Edale valley behind and quite possibly your comfort zone as you take on the infamous Potato Alley and Hagg Farm descents. What goes down must go up, the near 1 mile climb back up to Hope Cross will certainly test your climbing credentials. If you are into high adrenaline DH why not also bag a descent of The Beast whilst in the vicinity!

Ride highlights include Potato Alley and Hagg Farm.

Distance: 4.7mi (7.6km)
Elev Gain: 945ft (288m)
Approx Time: 40 – 75 mins
Navigation: GPX Download – Map
Starting point: Junction between Jaggers Clough and The Beast.
(If you are unfamiliar with the area, the intersection is through the gate beyond Hope Cross, up the rocky stepped path maybe 100m from Hope Cross.

Ride Guide Details

  • Starting from the intersection between Jaggers Clough and the top of The Beast, keep heading North-West following the main path.
  • After approx half a mile you will start the descent of Potato Alley – a relatively wide tree-lined track whose many rocks resemble piles of freshly harvested potato’s! The descent never gets super steep however its fast, energy sapping and rather gnarly in places – but overall great fun!
  • Continue North-East, crossing the A57 (Snake Road/Pass) and up the farm road opposite. The path is pretty steep as it winds its way up to Hagg Farm.
  • Next is the pay-off, a sweet ass fast descent which eventually winds it way back down to the A57.
  • Cross the A57 and continue on, crossing the River Ashop.
  • At the T junction, chuck a left and continue on for just less than a mile
  • Your are looking for a sharp right where the climb has begun to ramp up.
  • Follow the path back on yourself, the climb is pretty steep and physically demanding.
  • At the next T junction go left, again going back on yourself. The trail starts to flatten out here.
  • Finally you will arrive back at Hope Cross, where you then carry on your chosen route.